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Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc., a leader in the ecclesiastical fine arts industry, has pioneered and developed a creative new approach in producing original and affordable custom murals and works of art for your church. Our innovative artistic process is a convenient and enjoyable experience which allows you to commission beautiful murals and works of art generating an exciting interactive parish community experience with vast parishioner support. Our studios can create artwork on any subject or scale. Imagine being able to commission beautiful murals for your church and having the cost completely covered. Finally you can invigorate your parish with the custom artwork you have always dreamed about but never thought possible.

Throughout history parishioners have donated funds for stained glass windows, statues, and various church renovations. These contributions are often honored by donor’s names appearing on small plaques. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. unique approach allows enthusiastic parishioners the distinctive privilege to be permanently immortalized as part of their parish’s history while covering the entire cost of the artistic project for you. Our gifted artists incorporate your very own parishioners as our artistic models in exchange for their support and donations to your project. What dedicated parishioners wouldn’t be proud to see themselves and their loved ones depicted in beautiful religious works of art appearing as heroic biblical figures, exquisite cherubim, and ethereal angels? Imagine the excitement and endless possibilities for your parishioners who will generously contribute knowing they will be visibly and permanently immortalized in their own parishes by the master artists of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc.




How do I commission a custom mural? What are the steps involved?

We have made the creative process a simple, convenient, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Contact us with your ideas and vision for a mural or artistic project and we will be happy to speak and meet with you personally. We will visit your parish, take detailed measurements and photographs, and collaborate with you in determining the best placement and subject matter for your church. Unlike many other companies, Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. always offers this artistic evaluation process and our estimates free of charge.

What happens after the artistic subject and location for the mural in the church has been chosen?

The talented artists of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will create detailed black & white and/or color concept sketches and designs based on your ideas in a professional portfolio presentation with a detailed estimate consisting of total project cost and timeframe. As pastor, you in turn present our preliminary sketches and designs to your congregation or church committee generating parishioner support for your project. Many pastors promote their parishioner mural projects through the weekly church bulletin and display our latest poster brochure mailer on the church bulletin board so parishioners can see for themselves an example of the artistic process. Parishioner model murals are an excellent way to build strong parish community interaction and it’s an exciting, and proven fundraising tool for your church. Parishioners who wish to be artistically represented as figures in the mural will generously and enthusiastically contribute to your project and become involved.








How much does a custom mural cost for the overall project? How much should we, the church, charge per parishioner to be artistically represented in the mural?

There is no predetermined answer to this question. Once you commission the final mural with us ,the cost of the preliminary sketches and designs we created for you are automatically deducted from our final estimate.  Because each mural we create is a custom and unique work of art, there are several factors that determine what the cost from us to you will be for the entire project such as:

• The size of the mural or artwork

• The amount of figures in the mural or artwork

• The complexity of the subject matter in the work of art

• The height and difficulty of the area where the mural or artwork is to be installed

Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will submit a detailed estimate outlining the entire cost of the project for you. As pastor, you or your church committee can determine and establish your own price structure including cost parameters for the project and present it to your congregation. If you wish, Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will assist you and provide general guidelines and rules for individual parishioner model costs as an outline. Depending on each subject’s importance and placement in the mural, the cost for each parishioner involved will often vary. Main artistic subjects in the mural will obviously cost more for the participating parishioners than if they were to choose to be a minor subject or secondary figure in the background.

How does Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. artistically represent the parishioners involved in the project? What is the procedure working with our parishioners?

Once the pastor or the church committee has finalized and approved the desired mural subject and composition, Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will arrange a convenient date and time for all the parishioner models participating in the project to be photographed. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will travel to your parish and professionally photograph all the parishioner models participating in the project. We must have each parishioner models' permission to photograph and create their likeness. All parishioner models being photographed must sign a model release form. A parent or legal guardian must sign for models under the age of eighteen. The master artists of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. will work meticulously in our studio from the photographs incorporating the amazing likenesses of your parishioners into the mural composition.  We also work closely with several professional hair and make-up stylists to make all parishioner models look their very best for the photography session (hair and make-up stylists are an additional and optional service). In most instances we will only need to photograph the head or face of the parishioner models. Depending on the artistic subject and composition of the mural, we may need to photograph the parishioner models with minor props or costumes. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. utilizes professional art models for more intricate or elaborate compositions requiring complex poses, costumes, or props in our studio when necessary.

As pastor, how do I determine what parishioner models will be which figures in the mural? What if there is more than one parishioner that wishes to be a specific figure in the mural?

We will work closely with you and do our very best to accommodate the wishes of each parishioner model regarding their choice of figure, placement, and depiction in the mural. Obviously parishioner models must be realistic and understand that they also must conform to the appropriate physical characteristics for specific figures in a mural. Keeping this in mind, we have found most pastors and church committees operate on a first come first serve basis for choice of mural figures which works very well.

How long does it take to create and install the final finished mural?

Again, there is no predestined answer to this question for many of the same reasons we have listed above. More complex murals with multiple figures, intricate architectural elements, exotic animals, or detailed costumes will take longer to execute. The standard installation of a mural usually takes one or two days.

Can I as pastor or members of the church committee be involved and artistically represented in the mural also?

Absolutely! Everyone can be involved and be part of this wonderful interactive artistic experience. Not only does this process establish a new fundraising avenue for your parish but it also promotes the fine arts and community parish cooperation in a fun and enjoyable experience for parishioners of all ages.

How do you create a mural for parishioners who wish to incorporate a deceased family member or friend as a memorial tribute?

We illuminate, pose, and professionally photograph all the available models whenever possible however, we can work from existing high quality photographs of deceased or otherwise unavailable models when necessary.

Can you create a mural in a specific artistic style?

Yes, the master artists of Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. can create murals in any artistic genre or style. We will work with you or with your designated church committee to determine the most appropriate artistic mural style which will harmonize with your church’s architecture and color scheme.

What mural subjects are the most popular and what type of circumstances do parishioners get excited about regarding custom murals?

Both Old and New Testament biblical subjects and characters are extremely popular. Many parishioners have favorite Saints that they wish to see themselves or their loved ones portrayed as. Parishes will often contact us working in conjunction with parishioners who wish to create a custom mural as a unique and everlasting gift or tribute for a spouse, child, parent, or friend for a special occasion.

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