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IN MEMORIAM: my master, my teacher, my father

July 30, 1928 - September 5, 2013


"Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven."

- Michelangelo Buonarroti


Mr. Bernard M. Tiedemann, Master Artist

Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc., is the preeminent art restoration studio specializing in high large-scale ecclesiastical, private, corporate, and municipal art & architectural conservation. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. also offers custom artistic painting, design, and architectural decorating services meeting every need and budget. Our experience and professionalism provides the very best in church painting, art restoration, and conservation services at a fraction of the cost of other high priced companies. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. use of a ninety-foot aerial lift to paint and restore structures eliminates the costly, inconvenient, and disruptive scaffolding other contractor’s use thus dramatically reducing cost and inconvenience for our clients. We have a singular dedication and perfectionist approach toward each and every commission. The company’s mission and focus is in halting and reversing the deterioration of irreplaceable works of art as well as a solid commitment to the preservation of artistic treasures in all forms. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. is based in New York City but  we offer our services both nationally and internationally. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. has been featured by various local and national journalists and broadcasters such as: ABC News “A modern day Michelangelo”, The Visual Arts Journal “Obsessive attention to detail”, and also hailed as “Michelangelo Jr.” by Charles Osgood of the Osgood Files Program. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. is the premier American artistic conservation company chosen to restore paintings by renowned European artists such as Philip Guston and Fernando Calderón, famous for their award winning restorations including National Historic Landmarks and Royally Supported Commissions. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. encompasses every aspect of the artistic painting, decorating, restoration, and conservation process. Our services include: ART RESTORATION, CHURCH PAINTING,  MURALS, FRESCOS, STAINED GLASS, SCULPTURE, PORTRAITS, GILDING, FAUX FINISHES, MOSAICS, ICONS, WOODWORK, LITURGICAL DESIGN, 3-D ARCHITECTURAL COMPUTER DESIGN, ARCHITECTURAL FIXTURES, CONSULTING, MARBLE, AND MORE...

We are the only American ecclesiastical artistic conservation studio chosen to restore murals by renowned European artists such as Philip Guston and Fernando Calderón. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. is famous for complex restorations including National Historic Landmarks and Royal Supported Commissions.




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